Pro Bono

The firm’s pro bono practice is focused on (and limited to) representation in the United States Supreme Court, through our association with the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic at Harvard Law School.

Because the firm and the clinic have finite resources, we cannot provide pro bono representation to everyone who would like to have his or her case heard by the Supreme Court. And because a principal purpose of the firm’s pro bono work is to provide high-quality educational opportunities for the students at Harvard, we are extremely selective in choosing cases in which we provide counsel for free.

As a result, we generally reserve resources for cases in which the Supreme Court has already granted certiorari or cases that we regard as very likely to meet the Court’s stringent criteria for review. The vast majority of cases decided by the lower courts do not meet those criteria, and we are unable to provide assistance in those matters.

Follow the link to learn more about the criteria for Supreme Court review. Attorneys with cases already before the Supreme Court, or who believe that they have a case that meets the Court’s criteria, are invited to view further information through the Attorney Information link. Individuals proceeding without an attorney should review the information at the Information for Individuals link.

Areas Of Practice

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